Palette of White

FrozenI was able to get out mid afternoon to go on a hike with my camera in hand. It was lightly snowing, everything was covered in a fresh blanket of white. It reminded me of a Christmas snow. The snowflakes had a definitive pattern, unfortunately my extension tube was in my camera bag nestled nicely in the warmth of home. I would have to make due with the lens on my camera.

Snowy Morning In the ForestFrozen Phlox 2Lake LandscapeSkeletons in the Garden

Gloves 2

It was so easy to connect. The air was crisp and clean, the forest was silent, except for the creaking of the trees. There was a transformation. The emotion of my surroundings had changed, we were slipping into the beginning of hibernation. Stillness was abundant.

The gloves in the picture above are my favorite new thing. Thick, warm, and I can still operate my camera. A product I love. More to come on these lovelies!

My micro-adventure brought an inner peace, an appreciation of the end of the fall season. The colors have slipped away, but as we head into the holiday season, I find much joy in my heart. It’s time for hibernation, all the things we love must rest, but for now we can enjoy a palette of white.

Live beautiful, creative, and kind.

Much love,





Autumn’s Promise

Bee Food to Seed 2

Today I had an opportunity to slip off by myself for a walk. This is something I enjoy doing to find my center and recapture my creativity. Often when feeling overwhelmed, I like to turn to nature. With the weather unpredictable this time of year, I made my escape. The sky was overcast in gray with a distant blue, and with a wind, it proved a bit of a challenge for crisp, clear photographs.

Walking through the back yard to the lake, I looked across the woods to see the slow fading color. The finale is coming to the end, winter is coming. Once vibrant colors have turned to rusty browns and yellows that sprinkle everything in a crunchy reminder. Going around the lakeshore, I stepped onto the trail that the deer like to use to get over the hill to the other small lake.

Across the LakeBirch by LakeGround Cover

The air this time of year is cool and refreshing. The views are spectacular. I took time to just sit and listen. I could here the squirrels collecting acorns, birds forging for the natural seeds and berries from the gardens and trees. I’m passionate about everything botanical, even with summer over, there’s so much still to see. It’s the small details, its like a promise that next summer will be. Everything has been transformed into a more skeletal form. Everything is brittle to the touch. Each species of plant is easy to study as it’s life cycle comes to an end and a dormancy takes over.

A Place to ReflectNatural SeedSeed Ball 2Seed PodSeedballSeedsToe Seeds

The path took me down the hill, winding around my favorite little creative spot nestled into the gardens. I realize that nature must rest now. I hope you have a chance to get out to collect the seeds, they promise a brilliant show next spring.

With much love and creativity,


Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures Mantra with fall picture

Bringing like-minded people together to enjoy the simple pleasures of the seasons, recipes, handmade items, special places, hobbies, and products. Perhaps even a little folklore will sneak its way onto the page from time to time. It is with a thankful heart, I welcome you to the Simple Pleasures Journal. I have always believed in the philosophy of living a slower, intentional lifestyle, taking in all the goodness that nature brings, trying something new, and living kindly.

Let’s enjoy this wonderous journey together. Give thanks in the small things. Here is a preview of what this journal is all about.

Pink Fall 2018boatingveggieswatercolorsyarnIMG_20181011_163059711bootssoap


Much love,


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